Unless you’re Andy Jassy or Jeff Bezos, the answer to this is 100% likely to be ‘no’.

Introducing ‘What Did Amazon Do This Week?’, your one-stop shop for all things Amazon. If it’s making a difference to your bottom line and our world, it’s in there. Each week you get a set of curated links, analysis, commentary, interviews, original reporting and recommendations. You know it’s good, too; 33% of subscribers work at Amazon…
Whether you are CEO, Brand Manager, or just starting your career for way less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, it has never been easier to keep up to date with every move Amazon makes (and plans to make).

Some kind words about WDADTW:
“Essential reading. A one-stop-shop for all things Amazon.” - Google / Henry Eccles
“Obsessive in the best way.” - Sky News / Rowland Manthorpe

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Whatever industry you are in, WDADTW covers you because it focuses on all facets of Amazon and Amazon-owned brands including:
- Retail (.com, Prime, Whole Foods…)
- Technology (Alexa, Fire TV, AWS, Ring, Kindle…)
- Content (Prime, Video, Music, Audible…)
- Advertising (Stores, Sponsored Products…)
- Miscellaneous (Freight, Air, pharma, space…)
WDADTW gives you analysis, context, recommendations and further information to help you make better decisions and create a better strategy.
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Paul Armstrong, Founder of HERE/FORTH has, in-between working in-house and at large agencies, been writing about technology and big business for +20 years. Regularly contributing and writing for likes of Forbes, Reuters, and Guardian (amongst others), Paul is the author of ‘Disruptive Technologies’ and regularly interviews CEO’s and executives along with cultivating a network of executives inside companies that are changing the world. Paul is the Creator of TBD Conference. Feel free to contact Paul directly (or DM on Twitter/Instagram) with academic papers, research, your views, suggestions and anything else you’d like him to know.


What Did Amazon Do This Week?
Your one-stop-shop to find out how Amazon is impacting your world through a set of curated links, analysis, commentary, original reporting and more.